New show should be coming next weekend…hopefully.


7 Responses to “Ahoy”

  1. I shall hold thee to that, though I still feel cheated by the fact that you’re not the Snoog from America who raps about his bitches, hoes and Rastafrian Old Holborn (allegedly).

  2. Seamonster Says:

    Come on, mate. How much Expendables news have I been missin’ out on?

  3. OK, so I lied. We’ve both both been surprisingly busy lately, but fear not we shall return soon and it’ll be triumphant…a bit like Rocky V….But better obviously.

  4. Seamonster Says:

    I really look forward to the new episode. I practically listen to the podcast on a loop while I’m at work. It’s one of those things I can listen to over and over and I never get tired of it, good for filling in the gaps when my other podcasts haven’t been updated in awhile. I’ve listened to the Samurai Cop episode more times than I care to admit too. I’ll try to shoot you guys some listener email, I’ll just have to think of something interesting for the show.

  5. Ah thanks mate, much appreciated. I’ve just realised that the Samurai Cop episode went online a year ago…It really doesn’t seem like that long ago.

    Considering the gaps between shows we have a lot i was thinking of maybes seeing if i could find two other people to fill in for us if we know we’re not going to be able to do a show for a while…Wouldn’t be the same obviously, but at least it wouldn’t always seem like the show is finished.

  6. Seamonster Says:

    Yeah, I dunno about having a couple of substitutes in. Just wouldn’t be the same, but who knows. Hell, I’d do it but I have no experience with that kind of thing (though I’ve been considering starting my own solo movie podcast kinda like paleo-cinema but less snobbish and shitty) and I have no friends who’d be willing to do it. Any friends who would have zero movie knowledge and they’re not funny. Plus I’m an American, and while I do love Newcastle Broown Ale, I do a pretty shit Geordie accent. I’d say that if you guys don’t have time to sit down and do a regular show, I dunno, maybe you could do a short podcast like you did with episode 20.5 giving everyone an update on the status of the show. If not that then you guys definitely need to at very least do a show when the Expendables comes out.

  7. You should definitely give your solo podcast idea a try, i’d certainly listen (and of course give you a plug on RV).

    I think next week when I get back home we’ll do a show like 20.5 and then a regular show and put them up a few days apart from each other, just to make up for the months of silence. It’s typical of us really, we start and get regular listeners finally and we start slacking…When almost no-one listened we were churning out shows quite regularly.

    And we shall definitely be recording a show when The Expendables is released.

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