Episode 40: Revolving Reunion

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It’s a reunion on par with when the original Kiss line up reformed in make up….or when Steps got back together…Take your pick. But anyway, a few weeks back Chris & Jamie got together for a few turpentine and Um-Bongo cocktails, hit record and had a wee chat.




Wafu FM

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Hi folks, Chris here…for all those that used to listen to Revolving Video and aren’t aware of my new podcast, head on over to the Wafu FM blog, we’re up to episode 16 at the minute, so there’s plenty to catch up on. Hope to see you there – WAFU FM

‘Top Quality Video Tapes’ Episode 2

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So, here we have the overdue second episode of WAFU’s resident podcast.

In this show, Adam and I review a short film entitled ‘We Are What We Eat’, as well as Kevin Smiths ‘Red State’ and the box office behemoth that is ‘The Avengers’. There are some spoilers now and then in the reviews, so be warned if you’re yet to see any of them.

We hope you enjoy the show. And please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any queries, questions and indeed suggestions for future episodes. We want to know who is listening! – wafublog (at) hotmail.com


The Top Quality Video Tapes Podcast

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Hi folks, Chris here.

My new podcast is now online, please check it out! And stick Wafu in your bookmarks, episodes will be going up there every week!



Here we have the debut episode of The “Top Quality Video Tapes” Podcast, hosted by myself and my good friend Adam Wigham (@spuffjockey). Sorry if you’ve arrived here thinking you’ve found a podcast primarily about VHS and BETAMAX, it’s just a name, which we do explain on the show.

In this episode we discuss what films we’ve feasted upon with our eyes and ears lately, give our best films of 2011 and run down a list of noteworthy films that are scheduled for a 2012 release…as well as loads of other stuff, there are various tangents and I can’t remember them all…

Apologies for some sound issues, my computer seems to hate Skype at times, but hopefully it shouldn’t ruin your listening “pleasure”.

Feedback is most welcome, so please either leave a comment or tweet me (@snoog) or if you have a question that you want us to read out on the show, send us an email at – wafublog [at] hotmail.com

Hope you enjoy the first episode!


WAFU Podcast

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I’m getting back onto the “podcast scene”…or whatever!


All is explained here – http://wafu1.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/wafu-podcast-coming-soon/

Hope all the RV Massive check it out!

Show Update

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I thought i’d post something here incase you haven’t dropped by the facebook page or twitter recently.

Sorry that there hasn’t been a new show in nearly a month, I wish I could say this was due to laziness but it’s not, it’s due to needless “behind the scenes” bullshit. So as it stands right now, as far as i’m concerned, the show as it stands is finished.

This may change or it may not, never say never as they say, but I’m really pissed off over the whole situation because there’s no reasoning behind it whatsoever. But, fuck it…

I’m thinking of starting a new podcast over at WAFU, which I’ve been really enjoying working on again lately, so if anyone wants to throw their name into the hat to be co-host send an email my way or tweet me (that really is the campiest term ever.)

Loads of new jazz over at WAFU for you to check out, including a video review of ‘3 Dev Adam – http://wafu1.wordpress.com

So anyway, thanks for the support folks, keep it jazzy and keep it warm.


Episode 39: A Gentleman’s Agreement

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We’re back!
I’m betting most of you assumed we were on another 6 month hiatus, but no. This show is pretty much all reviews, looking at what we’ve been feeding our eyes and brains since the last show with a little bit of movie news and random banter peppered throughout.
If we’re not back with a new show pretty soon, it’s because of all of this Mevio bullshit that’s happened to a lot of people; they’ve been suspending the majority their accounts without telling anybody, that’s where we’ve been hosting the show for the past couple of years. So we’ll be looking for a new place. Any reccomendations? Let us know.

Head on over to the Revolving Video facebook page and become a fan. As always, feel free to send us an email @ revolvingvideo [at] hotmail.co.uk.


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